Delivering You Solutions After Your Personal Injury Accident

What Separates Us from the Rest

After a personal injury accident, Rand Spear and Spear Greenfield handle ALL of the responsibilities related to your injury, so you can focus on recovery. The Spear Greenfield legal team ensures that your best interests are always represented in both the recovery and legal process. Our law firm’s mission is to ensure a personal injury accident does NOT impact you for the rest of your life. If you need immediate help following an accident, click below to speak with a legal professional immediately!


We Do It All to Help You


Secure medical treatment for your injuries sustained from the accident.


Gather all necessary medical records from your doctor's visits.


Communicate with the insurance companies involved.


Collect all necessary evidence related to your accident.


Contact witnesses to provide accounts of your accident.


Hire evidence experts when necessary in defending your case


Represent you aggressively to win you maximum compensation.

Taking Care of Your Medical Needs

Following a personal injury accident, medical evaluation and care is critical for your recovery and the legal process. Spear Greenfield coordinates with you to ensure that you receive the medical treatment you deserve as soon as possible. Below are ways Rand Spear and his team will help answer your medical needs!

  1. We have an impressive portfolio of medical contacts. Since Spear Greenfield has been in business for over 30 years, we have developed a expansive list of doctors, specialists, and medical professionals that can treat any injury, no matter the severity. Our medical contacts cover both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so we can schedule a convenient appointment with a local doctor near you!
  2. No health insurance, no problem. Due to our law firm’s outstanding reputation in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas,  you are injured from the accident, even if they are minor, go to the hospital or an emergency room for treatment. If you are not injured from the accident, immediately schedule an appointment with your family doctor for a check-up. In either case, save the documentation and reports from these medical visits.
  3. Your medical care is our priority. As you start your medical appointments and necessary treatments, our Spear Greenfield team will be there to solidify your appointment scheduling. We understand how important this treatment is, so we will schedule you for convenient appointments close to your home!
  4. Your medical records are safe with us. Our law firm speaks with your medical team to collect the necessary medical records for legal action. The information in our office is secure, so you will NEVER have to worry about the safety of your personal information. This practice ensure you do not have the unecessary headache of calling doctors for information.


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Our Commitments to You

  • Aggressiveness – We will aggressively pursue the legal actions necessary to win the compensation you deserve and deliver you justice.
  • Never Sell You Short – Our trial attorneys will take your case to trial if that is the route to winning you maximum compensation.
  • Represent You – Our trial attorneys will take your case to trial if that is the route to winning you maximum compensation.


We Are Here to Help with Your Pennsylvania or New Jersey Personal Injury Case

Rand Spear and the Spear Greenfield are always here for our clients! We take care of them in their toughest moments. We represent their best interests. We fight for their justice and compensation. Don’t settle for less, because no one will work harder. Our team of lawyers have over 200 years of combined legal experience. With over $750 million dollars collected for our clients, our success record that speaks for itself! Demand Rand and his legal team!

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