Cumberland, NJ – Semi-Truck Accident on Rte 47 at High St Injures Victims

May 19, 2022

Cumberland, NJ (May 19, 2022) – On the evening of Thursday, May 19, an accident involving a semi-trailer and at least one other vehicle occurred on a route in the Cumberland region, just outside of Philadelphia, leaving a handful of victims with injuries.

The event occurred just after 11:45 p.m. in the northbound-southbound lanes of Route 47/Delsea Drive at High Street, according to all of the assigned authorities that arrived at the scene of the mishap, and it was caused by a collision between a truck driver and one or more passenger automobiles.

The present situations of those who were affected are unknown at this time; however, emergency workers have been dispatched to the location in order to aid those who have been injured.

There have not been any new developments recently; nevertheless, an investigation into the causes that led up to the occurrence is still in the process of being carried out.

We are keeping those who were harmed in the accident in our thoughts, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will have a fast and full recovery.

Injuries in New Jersey Semi-Truck Wrecks

Although the frequency of truck accidents in the state of New Jersey may be lower when compared to the rate of other kinds of collisions, the outcomes of truck accidents that do occur are nearly invariably catastrophic. Unfortunately, there were around 110,000 persons in the United States who were seriously injured as a consequence of truck accidents in just a single year.

In fact, fatal truck accidents across the country were up 22% over the past decade. Unfortunately, semi-trailer accidents were up more than 50% in New Jersey alone.

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