Philadelphia Auto Accidents Lawyer Says Injury victims need the right attorney

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July 18, 2015

Injury victims need the right attorney to help them get fair compensation for their injuries.

Questions to Ask Injury Lawyer

Injury victims need the right attorney to help them get fair compensation for their injuries. Rand Spear a Philadelphia Auto Accidents Lawyer suggests what you should ask to find that attorney.

njuries from an accident, and the personal and financial damage they can cause, can be a life-changing event for you and your family. If you’ve been seriously injured because of the negligence of another, you should have legal representation to protect your rights. How do you know if an attorney is a good fit for you and your case? Ask questions.

Whether through referrals from friends, family members or based on a suggestion from an attorney who doesn’t take personal injury cases, find two or three attorneys that you feel are worth taking time to meet with. When you do meet, Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s Accident Motor Vehicle Attorney, has some suggestions on what you should talk about, which he discussed during a recent Google+ hangout available on YouTube.

“Find a lawyer who has experience in personal injury law and ask any questions you want. How long have they been practicing? What do they do?” Spear suggests. “See if you can get a comfort level. You want someone who does personal injury day in and day out and knows the issues regarding personal injury litigation.”

Spear says a possible personal injury plaintiff should ask,

  • What’s the potential outcome for the case?
  • What can the attorney do for you?
  • What’s the estimated value of the case?
  • What issues are involved?
  • Does the attorney think the case will settle or go to trial?
  • How long should the process take?

“Basically ask everything that’s on your mind. Get a full understanding with what’s involved with your particular case,” Spear advises.

An important thing to talk about is how the attorney charges for his or her services. That can be done with an attorney charging an hourly rate, but most personal injury attorneys are paid a percentage of the recovery, plus payment of costs and fees.

“The fee is contingent upon winning the case. That’s how I get paid. If I win I get paid, if I don’t win I don’t get paid.” Spear says. He says his firm also will pay for costs concerning the case and will only be repaid if the case is successful. “If we don’t win the client hasn’t lost anything.”

When you talk to an attorney, ask about who will be working on your case. Spear says he has a large staff of attorneys and paralegals (Team Spear) that helps clients, and he keeps open communication with all his clients.

“In my office, you’ll be able to speak to me, the lawyers who work for me and you’ll also be able to speak with the paralegals,” Spear says, “When you retain us, you get the power of the whole firm behind you.”

Rand Spear says he normally speaks with clients over the phone or in person shortly after an accident. “We review the facts of the case, we assist them in any way possible and we answer all their questions.”

To engage a law firm a client needs to enter into a contingency fee agreement which states how fees are paid. “The client comes to us and signs up with us at the first meeting they have a good idea of what’s involved, what’s going to happen, so there’s no surprises along the way. We like our clients to be informed and know exactly what’s happening,” Spear says.

If you have questions about a possible injury case or want to find out if Rand Spear is the right personal injury attorney for you, call his office at 888-373-4LAW. He helps those injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can learn more about personal injury law by following Rand Spear on Google+ at

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