How Do I Know if I Have a Case After a Dog Attack in Pennsylvania?

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February 17, 2020

Dogs are typically seen as lovable, furry animals that people consider as a part of their family. While this is true, they can also be dangerous in the event that they are not trained properly. It is the job of a dog owner to make sure their pet receives the right training so that they do not threaten the safety of other people they meet. If they fail to do so, a dog may be hostile towards others and even attack someone. When this happens, it can cause significant injuries with damaging effects. It is because of this that victims of a dog bite attack can pursue legal action to hold the dog owner liable for not training their dog properly. This can be accomplished with the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

How is a Dog Owner Liable?

All pet owners can be held liable for negligence in the state of Pennsylvania if their pet attacks another person. It is important to know that this may even be the case if the owner feels they trained the dog to the best of their ability. Even still, if their dog attacks another person, they can be held liable. In addition to this, what many people do not realize is that owners may still be liable for a dog attack in the event that someone trespasses on their property. These cases can be difficult, but pet owners can still be partially responsible in these situations. An experienced attorney can decipher these situations to provide a proper defense.

Does it Matter if a Dog Has a History of Aggression?

When a person sustains an injury due to a dog attack, it is important to look into the dog’s history when they are building a case against the dog owner. This is because dogs sometimes have a history of aggressive and violent behavior. In these situations, this information can be helpful in proving the owner was negligent. If a person’s dog engages in violent behavior in the past, it is then their job to ensure it does not ever happen again. If it does, this further proves their negligence. In addition to this, dog owners can also be held responsible for negligence if their dog was loose from their property, not restrained, or out of control when they attacked someone.

How Do I Recover Money for my Injuries?

Those who are injured by a dog bite are able to recover compensation for the damages that stem from the incident. This provides coverage so that the injured party does not have to worry about how they will afford the additional costs related to the injury. In the event of a successful case, this money comes from the negligent party instead.

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