Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Says More Americans Are Driving Distracted

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May 15, 2017
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

According to a new study, Americans are driving distracted nearly every time they get behind the wheel, says Rand Spear, Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

Safety app developer Zendrive recently published a comprehensive study that examined distracted driving behaviors among Americans — and the results are sobering. The study spanned three months and analyzed the driving behaviors of 3 million motorists over 570 million trips and 5.6 billion miles reports Rand Spear, Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

What the Study Says about Distracted Driving (Hint: It’s Not Good)

It’s no secret that distracted driving is a big problem. But just how big of a problem is it? The Zendrive study results reveal that driver distractions are serious business indeed.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Motorists use their mobile phones during 88 out of 100 trips.
  • When drivers use their phones behind the wheel, they stay on them for 3.5 minutes per hour of driving.

Although 3.5 minutes may not sound like a long time, consider that it takes a car traveling 55 miles per hour just two seconds to travel the length of two basketball courts.

This means that drivers who use their phones increase their chances of being involved in an accident by over 20 times. This translates to 105 potential collisions every single hour.

How Do PA and NJ Compare to Other States?

The study also ranked which states are the most distracted and which have the lowest numbers of distracted drivers.

Pennsylvania is near the middle of the pack. The Keystone State ranks #33 for driver distractions, with 50 being the highest. New Jersey fared much worse, ranking #45 out of 50 for the state with the most distracted drivers. Oregon takes top honors as the state with the least number of distracted motorists. It’s worth noting that Oregon is one of 16 states that ban all handheld devices behind the wheel.

Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear explains, “No phone call or text is worth your life. Any time you’re behind the wheel, it’s best to stay off your phone. If you must make a call, find a safe spot to pull over. Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents. If you’re going to drive, your email and your phone calls can wait.”

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