Philadelphia Mass Transit Accident Lawyer Explains MTA Accidents

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September 9, 2015

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Philadelphia Mass Transit Accident Lawyer Explains – How Can I Get Injured When Using Mass Transit?

For many people using mass transit (trains, subways and buses) may be a necessity because they don’t have a car. For others it simply may be more convenient or less expensive than driving. No matter which category you may fall into, though mass transit is generally safe accidents happen and passengers can get hurt.

This issue became headline news across the country in May when Amtrak train 188 derailed in Philadelphia, killing five and injuring dozens of passengers and Amtrak employees. Mass transit accidents happen all the time but relatively few make it to the news.

There can be many reasons for a train accident, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. Those causes include equipment failures (including rails and signals), vehicles at train crossings and human error. Many of those injured and killed in train accidents are in vehicles on train tracks.

In their most recent figures the federal Department of Transportation estimates that in Pennsylvania in 2010 there were 17 bus accidents involving fatalities and 879 other crashes. In New Jersey that year there were nine fatal bus accidents and 1,001 accidents involving buses. Not only can passengers get hurt, but pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles can be injured in bus accidents.

Train engineers and bus drivers may make mistakes because of fatigue, drug or alcohol use or insufficient experience or training. Like anyone driving a car, a bus driver or train engineer distracted by a cell phone or simply not paying attention can be a lethal hazard.

Unlike cars, trucks and jets, there normally are no restraints or belts on passenger trains and buses. If the train or bus collides with something or loses control, those onboard can be thrown about at high speed, hitting seats, hand rails and other passengers.

Like any other type of accident, those who are injured are traumatized by the accident. Their bodies respond to the shock of the incident with adrenaline which can dull the pain of injuries. Though passengers may just feel “shaken up” right after the accident, they may in fact have suffered serious injuries. That’s why it’s important those involved in a serious accident involving a bus or train seek medical attention as soon as possible for a thorough examination and treatment if necessary.

To learn more about Philadelphia train and bus accidents join Rand Spear for his next Google Hangout where he will answer questions and cover bus and train accidents in more detail.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a bus or train, contact Philadelphia’s accident attorney, Rand Spear, so we can talk about what happened, the applicable laws and how your rights to fair compensation for your injuries can be protected.

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