Philly Accident Lawyer: Warm Weather Brings Out More Motorcyclists and More Danger

motorcycle on ground after accident with car
May 10, 2016
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

Motorcyclists should make themselves visible and take precautions like wearing a helmet to avoid accidents and injuries, says Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer.

As the weather improves more motorcyclists take to the roads to enjoy the weather, their motorcycle and to get where they need to be. Where they shouldn’t end up is in a hospital after an accident, but unfortunately that’s a frequent occurrence in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Philadelphia’s accident attorney, Rand Spear, has represented many injured motorcyclists in personal injury cases. He has several suggestions to keep riders safe in a podcast posted on YouTube.

The biggest motorcycle safety myth in Spear’s opinion is that local roads are safer to drive on than highways. “That’s absolutely the opposite of what really happens. On the highway you’re essentially going straight. There’s not all these lanes cutting in and cutting out and lights and people pulling out into your lane of travel so you’re much safer on a highway,” says Spear.

He says motorcyclists shouldn’t assume vehicle drivers can see them. They may be on the lookout for other vehicles, not motorcycles, especially at night. “Daytime driving is critical. If you can avoid driving at night that’s what you should do. It is so dangerous to drive at night and so difficult to see a motorcycle. You want to wear bright colors and have your lights on. You want to take whatever precautions you can to make sure that the public sees you so other drivers have enough time to avoid a collision with your motorcycle.”

“Full face helmets should be worn. Please, please, please wear your helmet even if it’s just a short distance because statistics show that many of these accidents occur on smaller roads as opposed to the highway,” Rand says.  “Wear your helmet, your jacket, the gloves and the boots. They offer a measure of safety. They’re not a fashion statement so you should wear them at all times to protect yourself.”

Spear suggests newer motorcyclists ride smaller motorcycles and learn how to control them before buying a larger, heavier motorcycle. He also says motorcyclists shouldn’t rely on how loud their bikes are to get the attention of vehicle drivers. Like drivers of all vehicles, motorcyclists need to allow themselves enough distance in front of them in order to stop safely.

With the warmer weather there are not only more motorcyclists but more potholes. “The potholes can be so dangerous. I have handled several cases where there was a giant pothole in the road and the motorcycle operator was not aware of it, came upon it and it basically caused him to lose control of the bike,” he says, “You really want to operate at a very safe speed so you can maintain control of that motorcycle in all situations. If you come across a pothole or something that doesn’t look safe give yourself the opportunity to slow down and determine if you’re able to get around it safely.”

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