Philadelphia, PA – Car Accident on I-676/Vine St at I-76 Injures Victims

Philadelphia, PA - Car Accident on I-676/Vine St at I-76 Injures Victims
November 22, 2022

Philadelphia, PA (November 22, 2022) – Authorities in Philadelphia said that a handful of victims sustained injuries in a multiple-car crash that took place on Tuesday evening, November 22.

The accident happened at at 8:30 p.m. on the westbound side of I-676/Vine Street Expressway, not far from the I-76 exit and Ben Franklin Parkway.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department and nearby EMTs responded immediately after the event. Even still, the authorities do not yet know what caused the incident.

Those in charge of the investigation into the crash’s cause are continuing to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the wreck. At this moment, the inquiry is still open and ongoing.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their loved ones at this time.

Rate of Rear-End Crashes in Pennsylvania

Rear-end accidents were the second most prevalent form of automobile accident in 2014, according to data and study done in Pennsylvania. Every year, over 20,000 crashes involving multiple vehicles or drivers occur in Pennsylvania. It’s clear that, as a result, all drivers in the state have extra reason to be cautious.

Careless driving often leads to rear-end incidents. In Pennsylvania, drivers who disregard traffic signals, such as by going through red lights or stop signs, account for the great majority of rear-end incidents. In some rear-end collisions, it’s obvious who was at blame and in others, it’s a complete mystery.

When there’s been an accident, the rear of the automobile usually doesn’t get checked out. However, these accidents may be just as deadly as head-on crashes. In even the most minor rear-end collision, there is the potential for some level of harm.

In a rear-end accident, the speed of the opposing vehicle is a major factor in determining the extent of injuries incurred. When a motorist brakes abruptly, the automobile behind them often slams into them, inflicting serious damage.

The inertia of the automobile in front of you acts as a propellant, causing your car to move ahead. A passenger’s seat automatically adjusts to their comfort level when they fasten their seat belt. It may be disastrous to crash into a seat or headrest at high speeds, and the impacts may not be immediately obvious.

Needless to say, after you’ve suffered a number of damages in a car crash, the individual who caused your serious injuries in a collision that was not your fault should be liable for your medical care and lost income.

If a person is permanently incapacitated in an automobile accident and unable to return to work, their insurance may look for loopholes to avoid paying for their care and lost income.

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