Slip And Fall

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Case settled for $75,000.00.

Plaintiff, a 45-year-old postal worker, was out delivering mail when she slipped and fell on a customer’s property due to snow and ice negligently allowed to remain on the property. Because of this fall, plaintiff sustained a broken ankle that required surgery and forced her to miss two months from work. Defendant challenged liability arguing …

Jury verdict in favor of plaintiff for $80,500.00.

61-year-old male slipped and fell on icy steps leading up to the building that he rented from defendant. As a result of the fall, plaintiff sustained a collarbone fracture and a herniated disc. Defendant argued that the plaintiff knew of the condition of the steps before the accident and should have avoided the ice. No …

Plaintiff obtained $105,000.00 settlement.

44-year-old female was a patron of defendant’s business when she slipped and fell on a wet floor. As a result, plaintiff sustained injuries including a tear in her knee and shoulder as well as neck and back injuries. At settlement conference, Judge recommended settlement range of $75,000 to $100,000.00.

Case settled for $115,000.00.

79-year-old female was legally on defendant’s business premises when automatic doors were caused to swing open due to negligent maintenance injuring plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained significant injuries including a broken hip.

Jury verdict for plaintiff in amount of $175,000.00.

42-year-old female fell from steps on side of defendant’s house because of a defective handrail causing multiple disc herniations in her neck and back and partial tear in her shoulder. No offer before trial and $20,000 offer made at beginning of trial. Defendant argued that plaintiff could not prove the steps were defective.


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