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How Can Car Accident Reconstruction Help a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claim?

close up of car damage after auto accident

Recovering compensation after a car accident can often prove to be difficult, especially when the parties involved disagree about who is at fault for causing it. It is because of this that injured parties are required to prove fault with certain evidence that shows the other party’s involvement. Sometimes, evidence can include accident reconstruction. Continue …

Who is Liable for Birth Injuries in Pennsylvania?

close up of baby holding parent's finger

Preparing to have a baby is one of the most exciting experiences a person can have in their life. Parents generally spend the duration of the pregnancy making sure they do everything they can to have a healthy baby. While this is true, even the most prepared parents can experience circumstances that are out of …

Is Failure to Refer Considered Medical Malpractice in Pennsylvania?

close up of laptop computer and stethoscope

There are many different types of doctors. While some are general practitioners, there are other medical professionals who specialize in certain areas of medicine. There are many cases in which a general practitioner comes along symptoms or conditions that they are not trained or have enough knowledge to treat. When this happens, they can refer …

What do I Need to Know About Wrongful Death Cases in Pennsylvania?

judges wooden gavel and two books

Losing a loved one is a tragic event in life. This is especially so if it occurs suddenly due to the negligence of another party. When this happens, it is known as wrongful death. Families who are facing these situations tend to want to seek justice for the death by filing a wrongful death claim. …

What are Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

parked motorcycle with snow in background

When a motorcycle accident takes place, it is often devastating. This is because these vehicles, while they can be fun, offer their riders little to no protection. It is because of this that it is crucial for riders to wear gear that can protect them in the event that an accident does take place. This …

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Law in Pennsylvania

judges wooden gavel and two books

People rarely go to work every day with the expectation that they will be involved in an accident or become ill. However, the unfortunate reality is that this can occur in any workplace, regardless of a person’s profession. In the event that it does happen, it is important to know that workers’ compensation exists to …


Newark, NJ - Teen Dies in T-Bone Collision at Montclair & Clifton Aves

Newark, NJ – Teen Dies in T-Bone Collision at Montclair…

Newark, NJ (February 26, 2024) – A 13-year-old boy was killed in a car crash in Newark over the weekend, family and local prosecutors said. (more…)

Philadelphia, PA - Fatal Vehicle Collision Occurs on Knights Rd

Philadelphia, PA – Fatal Vehicle Collision Occurs on Knights Rd

Philadelphia, PA (February 25, 2024) - Following a collision in the 12000 block of Knights Road in Northeast Philadelphia, one man reportedly lost his life. (more…)

Bergen Co, NJ - Man Dies, One Hurt in I-80 Vehicle Wreck Near Teaneck

Bergen Co, NJ – Man Dies, One Hurt in I-80…

Bergen County, NJ (February 24, 2024) – A man from Union County was killed early Saturday morning, February 24, in a car crash that took place on Interstate 80 in the Bergen County area, officials said. (more…)