Millennials the Worst Drivers Says Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

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March 7, 2017
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Drivers 19 to 24 years old are the most dangerous according to an AAA Foundation survey says Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear.

Statistically those in the 19 to 24 year old age group, sometimes referred to as millennials, are the worst drivers on the road, according to The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, reports USA Today1. It’s not hard to find criticism of this group and the fact their driving is so bad doesn’t help. Young drivers of every era are dangerous, says Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear, because of their inexperience and willingness to take risks.

A survey of 2,511 drivers performed for the foundation found 88% of drivers 19 to 24 years old admitted to risky behavior including texting while driving, running red lights or speeding. What most drivers see as dangerous driving is perceived as acceptable by many in this age group. During the month prior to the survey:

  • Almost half of millennials admitted they ran a red light even though they could’ve stopped safely, compared with 36% of the rest of drivers.
  • Nearly 12% of millennials saw it as acceptable to speed 10 mph over the speed limit in a school zone, compared with 5% of others.
  • 23% of all drivers, and 36% of those 19 to 24, responded that it’s acceptable to drive 15 mph over the posted speed limit on a highway.
  • 46% of drivers stated they have driven that fast on a freeway.

The survey also found many drivers are hypocrites.

  • 2% stated they read a text or email during the previous month but 78.2% called that “completely unacceptable.”
  • Almost 80% of respondents stated drowsy driving is “completely unacceptable,” but 28.9% admitted driving in the previous month when they were so fatigued it was difficult to keep their eyes open.
  • 8% of survey participants called driving through a red light unacceptable if the driver could stop safely but 35.6% admitted running a light during the previous month.

Respondents had broad agreements on some safety issues.

  • Mandating ignition locks for first-time DUI offenders was supported by 81% of drivers.
  • More than half, 63.5% of drivers, agreed it was a good idea to reduce the legal standard for alcohol intoxication from a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08% to 0.05%.
  • 87% claimed they have never driven when they believed they were, under the law, intoxicated.
  • 95% said they had never driven within an hour of smoking marijuana.
  • 88% stated it’s not acceptable to drive without using a seat belt and 82% voiced approval of laws mandating that motorcycle riders use helmets.

The survey confirms what most of us know from personal experience, young drivers can be some of the most dangerous ones on the road. Risk taking and feeling invincible are common. Unfortunately that often translates into vehicle accidents where young drivers and others are seriously injured or killed.

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