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Philadelphia Accident Lawyer Rand Spear – Does Mass Transit Hurt Passengers?

Portrait photo of Rand Spear Accident Attorney in front of fountain in front of Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia Accident Attorney Rand Spear – Mass Transit Helps Communities But Can Hurt Passengers People are injured every day on mass transit, not just due to major train or bus accidents that make the news, says Philadelphia mass transit accident attorney Rand Spear. People using mass transit can sustain injuries through no fault of their …


East Orange, NJ - Pedestrian Dead, One Injured in Vehicle Crash at Park Ave & Washington St

East Orange, NJ – Pedestrian Dead, One Injured in Vehicle…

East Orange, NJ (July 24, 2024) - According to the latest reports by officers, a pedestrian was killed Tuesday after a police pursuit in Essex County ended in a crash. (more…)

Stafford, PA - Man Dies in Auto Accident on Hwy 27 at MM 24.5

Stafford, PA – Man Dies in Car Accident on Hwy…

Stafford, PA (July 23, 2024) - An Edison man was killed in a car crash in Stafford on Saturday, July 20, according to the police. (more…)

Clifton, NJ - Driver Killed in Truck Accident, Explosion on Rte 3 at Valley Rd

Clifton, NJ – Driver Killed in Truck Explosion on Rte…

Clifton, NJ (July 22, 2024) – Route 3 was closed in the Clifton region after a truck apparently carrying hazardous materials crashed into a wall and exploded, killing the driver and melting the siding of homes on the other side. (more…)