Pursuing Legal Action After Birth Injuries in Pennsylvania

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September 17, 2020

Pregnancy is an exciting but also nervous time in a parent’s life. While preparing for the baby to come, they learn and do everything they can in order to have a healthy baby. However, the unfortunate reality is that the situation is not entirely in their hands. If a medical professional acts negligently during the birth of their baby, it can lead to serious birth injuries. This is classified as medical malpractice when a doctor does not do their job to the best of their ability. When parents are facing these difficult situations, it is important to know they can pursue legal action. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced attorney who can seek justice for your child. 

What Injuries Can Be Caused?

If a doctor is negligent during the delivery of a child, they can cause birth injuries that can impact a newborn for the rest of their life. This is because they can suffer from certain deformities. The various types of birth injuries that can be sustained include Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and more. Brain damage can include the misuse of a vacuum extractor or forceps while brachial plexus injuries can be caused by excessive force using a shoulder dystocia. 

How Do I Hold a Doctor Responsible?

Medical professionals go through a great deal of school and training in order to become licensed to practice. It is because of this that they are held to a high standard. This standard of care requires them to provide their patients with the best possible care. If they fail to do so and cause injuries, they can be held liable. In the event of birth injuries, parents can seek justice on behalf of their newborn through a personal injury case. During this time, they are required to prove that the doctor was negligent.

When pursuing legal action, parents must work with an attorney to gather evidence that shows malpractice took place and directly caused the newborn’s injuries. If the doctor is found guilty, the newborn’s parents may be able to recover compensation. This exists as coverage for any damages relating to the newborn’s injuries as well as any aid for their future.

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