Philadelphia, PA – Police Vehicle Hits Woman in Pedestrian Crash at 9th & South Sts, Causing Serious Injury

Philadelphia, PA - Police Vehicle Hits Woman in Pedestrian Crash at 9th & South Sts, Causing Serious Injury
June 28, 2022

Philadelphia, PA (June 28, 2022) – On Tuesday, June 28th, a Philadelphia police car hit a pedestrian, resulting in severe injuries.

On Tuesday morning, a Philadelphia police vehicle hit the woman, leaving her with serious injuries. The collision occurred at 9:00 a.m. near 9th Street and South Street in South Philadelphia, per officers from the Philadelphia Police Department.

According to authorities, the victim, a 55-year-old woman, sustained major injuries. She was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where her condition was described as critical.

The Accident Investigation Division of the police department was alerted, but there was no immediate news on the cause of this collision. An investigation has been launched and remains active at this time.

We are hopeful for the woman’s complete recovery.

Serious Injuries in Philadelphia-Area Pedestrian Accidents

On the nation’s roadways and sidewalks, pedestrians are often seen as the most vulnerable and defenseless group. This is especially true in cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In reality, tens of thousands of people and substantial foot traffic transit the Commonwealth’s most densely populated urban centers on a daily basis, making such incidents more common.

Unfortunately, traffic experts and governmental organizations reported the following in 2020 alone: more than 140 victims died after being involved in Pennsylvania pedestrian crashes.

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