How is a Lack of Security Considered Negligence?

close up of silver security camera on metal structure
June 15, 2020

Under premises liability law, property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their grounds so that people who come onto it do not become injured as a result. This can include owners and managers of apartment buildings, office buildings, parking lots, stadiums, shopping centers, etc. The failure to do so can result in serious injuries. There are many ways that a property owner can uphold their duty to a safe property. One of these includes proper security. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney if you were injured on another’s property.

Why is Proper Security Important?

People rely on property owners to ensure their grounds are taken care of. This is so that they do not become harmed as a result of negligence. When a property owner does not have the right security to protect residents, customers, visitors, etc., accidents can take place in a variety of ways. Examples of indefensible lack of security can include but are not limited to the following situations:

  • A resident of an apartment building makes multiple complaints to a landlord about potentially dangerous people in common areas and the landlord does not take action
  • There are no security guards where they are needed
  • A property does not have security cameras to provide surveillance where it should be
  • There is no working alarm in an elevator
  • There are no security guards in a location where alcohol is served and intoxication can be a risk to public safety
  • There are no working door locks for entryways of apartment buildings, allowing easy access for robbers

When discussing what is and is not adequate security for a property, it is important to know that low income neighborhoods are not an excuse for a landlord to not have essential security provisions in place. If you believe a property owner is not providing the right security or you become injured due to a lack or security, contact an attorney to discuss your case.

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