Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Big Box Store Injuries

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April 28, 2017
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “big box store.” And if you haven’t, you’ve almost certainly shopped in one, says Rand Spear, Philadelphia personal injury lawyer.

Also known as “superstores” or “supercenters,” big box stores are large retailers with a layout that literally looks like a giant box from above. Common big box stores include Walmart and Target. They offer a staggering variety of products, and many now include entire grocery stores inside.

These stores are convenient, but they can also be dangerous. Products can slip from the shelves and burst open on the floor, causing a slip and fall hazard. Items can also fall from upper shelves and cause serious injury. If you’ve been injured in a big box store, it’s important to speak to a personal injury lawyer right away.

Slips and Falls in Big Box Stores

This probably won’t surprise many people, but Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. It’s almost impossible to drive anywhere in the U.S. and not see a Walmart store. With so many stores, however, injuries are inevitable. According to one report, the retail giant faces up to 5,000 lawsuits every year.

And with so many items on the shelves, spills are inevitable. Slippery liquid on the floor is a hazard — whether it’s laundry detergent, milk, or water. Unfortunately, these stores are so massive, it sometimes takes workers a while to notice that a spill has occurred.

Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Rand Spear explains, “Big box retailers almost always have their own company protocol for handling a slip and fall incident or other type of injury. If you slip and fall in a big box store, be polite, but be careful not to make any statements about the nature of your injuries. Don’t self-diagnose on the spot. Only a doctor can determine how badly you’re hurt. Any statement you make to employees on the scene could be used against you in a personal injury case down the road.”

Falling Objects in Big Box Stores

Getting struck by a falling object is terrifying. It comes out of nowhere, and you have absolutely no time to prepare for it. Big box retail stores often keep extra merchandise stocked on upper shelves. However, this merchandise can shift and plummet to the ground — or on a customer’s head.

If you’re injured by a falling object in a big box store, get medical help right away. This type of injury can leave an individual with serious neck, spine, and back injuries. Seek emergency medical help, then speak to an attorney about protecting your important legal rights.

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Big box stores are owned by massive corporations, and you can be sure they have an army of lawyers at their disposal. However, you shouldn’t back down if you’ve been hurt in a large retail store or supercenter. Fight back and protect your rights. Discuss the next steps in your case with Philadelphia and New Jersey personal injury lawyer. Demand Rand Spear today at 877-GET-RAND.