Most Common Construction Site Accidents & Injuries

construction worker working on metal piping at jobsite
January 5, 2022
Legally Reviewed By Rand Spear, Esq.


Construction sites are dangerous workplaces where there is an increased risk of work injuries occurring. Construction workers are constantly doing physical work, operating heavy machinery, and working in elevated areas or busy roadsides. For preventing construction site accidents, companies typically have strict safety procedures and detailed safety education. Despite the safety initiatives, thousands of construction workers are injured each year.

Knowing the common types of construction site injuries and what causes them can help prevent onsite injuries. Some common injuries on the job include burns, head injuries, cuts, spinal injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, and stress injuries. A construction site can cause wide range of injuries. According to OSHA, there are only a few main causes of construction site accidents, which OSHA labels as the “fatal four”. Falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught between machines are the “fatal four” accidents. These four accidents are the main cause of construction site injuries. More information on each is below.


Whether it is a roofer or other tradesman, there is an increased chance of suffering a work injury while working on an elevated site. Many falls occur from faulty equipment, lack of fall prevention safety equipment, or simple carelessness. Falls are an avoidable accident. Below are some tips for avoiding a construction site injury from falling.

  • Cover or mark all floor openings, unfinished roof areas, or unsturdy regions.
  • Inspect all ladders and scaffolds to ensure they work properly and are safe. Use ladders and scaffolds properly and carefully.
  • Use personal fall prevention equipment, such as harnesses or guardrails. Follow the safety procedures associated with this safety equipment.


Various objects can be causes of construction site accidents. A construction site being directly next to moving traffic is a constant danger, because a construction worker’s chances of being struck by a car increase. For many other construction workers, objects may fall from a high elevation and strike them. The tips listed below are important for preventing construction site injuries

  • The easiest and most effective way to avoid being struck by an object is to be alert for dangers or warnings on the construction site.
  • Wear bright or highly visible clothing when working around moving traffic, equipment, or vehicles.
  • Always ensure to communicate and listen for communication from co-workers.


While electrocutions are less common on work sites, this type of construction accident is the most fatal. Faulty maintenance, the improper grounding of equipment, unsafe activity around power lines, or exposed wiring cause most electrocutions. Steps to avoid unnecessary electrocutions are below.  

  • Locate and mark all utilities prior to starting work.
  • Avoid any overhead power lines when operating heavy equipment. 
  • Ensure to ground or double insulate any electric tools.
  • Identify and avoid electrical hazards when working on ladders, scaffolds, or platforms.


When distracted, a construction worker may lose track of vehicles or machines, causing this construction site accident. This accident is avoidable with added alertness and proper communication. Some of these accidents occur in trenches or coves, so below are some tips for avoiding this dangerous situation.   

  • Ensure an adequate protective system is in place with appropriate warnings before entering an excavation trench.
  • Use a benching or shield system to protect a trench or excavation. 


Prior to starting work on a construction site, become familiar with the common causes of construction site injuries. Preventing construction site injuries is easier when you are familiar with the dangers on a work site. Ensure you have the proper tools and safety equipment prior to working. Being alert on a construction site is the best way to avoid work injuries.  

If you were involved in a work injury, follow these steps. First, ensure you document that injury incident with an immediate supervisor. Second, make an appointment with a medical professional immediately. Third, contact Spear Greenfield for a free consultation to determine whether you have a personal injury claim. To learn your legal options for compensation following a construction site accident, schedule your free strategy session with our work injury attorneys today.

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