No Fee Guarantee

The biggest hesitance in filing a personal injury case is not having the money to pay upfront for your case’s cost. At Spear Greenfield, we offer our no win, no fee guarantee, meaning you do not have to pay anything unless you win your personal injury case! You assume no financial risk by pursuing your claim. When you call our no win, no fee lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you can put your mind at ease.

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Spear Greenfield’s No Win, No Fee Guarantee

We guarantee every client that we will not charge you if we do not secure a positive outcome in your case. If you do win, the bulk of our fees are usually paid by the opposing counsel’s client, who was responsible for the accident. We will discuss the fee breakdown with you in detail, so you have complete transparency if a small amount needs to be deducted from your compensation.


What Does No Win, No Fee Guarantee Mean for You?

Not every attorney offers a no win, no fee guarantee, but this relieves stress and gives you control of the legal process. Below are some benefits of working with a no win, no fee lawyer.


Eliminates worry about making regular payments in a financially stressful time.


You can focus on the case without the distractions of an attorney cost.


We will not collect any payment if we lose your case.


Provides a clear motivation for our legal team to fight for the best possible outcome in your case.


Ensures a lasting engagement and excitement regarding your case, even through a lengthy legal process.


Ensures we take cases that we believe our legal team can win.

Benefits of No Win, No Fee Lawyers

Along with our no fee guarantee, there are various benefits in partnering with Spear Greenfield. We have the resources and time to devote to winning your case, earning you justice, and maximizing your compensation. Our approach has resulted in more than half a billion dollars in rewards for our clients. We have also won awards of $300,000 or more for a significant number of clients. Our experience and our results speak to the effectiveness of our no win, no fee approach. You shouldn’t have to take on risk to get the justice or outcome you deserve in your case. Please click below to learn more about Spear Greenfield!

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Our no win, no fee car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey take a client-centered approach to every case. No case is too big or too small, and we never turn away a potential client without consideration. We have a list of reliable medical contacts to share, and we frequently take cases to court to obtain the best possible award for our client. We aren’t like other firms, which make business decisions to settle to pad their reputations.

Our reputable and respected law firm cares about every client. Contact our no win, no fee lawyers today to schedule a free consultation about your case.