Representing Yourself Is A Bad Idea Says Philadelphia Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

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May 5, 2016
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

Without knowing the law and value of their accident case, injury victims should be represented by an accident attorney according to Rand Spear.

Thanks to the Internet and YouTube you can learn to do many things by yourself. What you can’t learn is enough law in order to fully represent yourself in your own personal injury case. Philadelphia’s accident attorney Rand Spear recently spoke on a Google+ Hangout about how a case is handled by his office and the dangers faced by an accident victim when negotiating with an insurance company on their own.

“One of the most important things to understand is that the insurance company on the other side is very skilled at what they do. They have lawyers, agents, investigators, all ready to perform on their side and for their side,” Spear says, “It’s extremely difficult for an individual to go up against the insurance company without knowing the law, without knowing what they’re entitled to as an accident attorney would.”

“Statistics show you get more for a case when you go with an attorney who is able to represent your interests, knows exactly what pieces of the puzzle are needed to prove your damages and let the insurance company know that if they don’t act responsibly that they are going to be subject to a lawsuit,” Spear says. He states an insurance company needs to know it’s going to be held accountable and forced to do the right thing by the plaintiff and only a skilled injury lawyer can do that.

Spears says insurance companies don’t offer reasonable settlements because it’s the right thing to do. “I find that what motivates insurance companies to settle claims is knowing we’re not going away, we’re not going to disappear and at the end of the day they’re going to have to pay us a reasonable settlement.”

Spear’s clients obtain his services through a contingency fee agreement. “We only get paid if we win the case or if we settle the case. If I don’t win, the client owes us nothing. We lay out all the expenses to file the lawsuit, to take depositions, to do an investigation and the same holds true for my expenses. We only get reimbursed when we win the case,” Spear says, “There’s no financial risk to the client.”

Spear says his cases start with a free consultation, either on the phone or in person. His office is open during the day, nights and weekends and his staff can see a person at home or in the hospital.

If a person agrees to have Spear represent them, they gather evidence to get the facts of the accident to help determine who is responsible to pay damages. After the facts and evidence are gathered and organized the insurance company is asked if they want to negotiate a settlement. If they’re not interested a lawsuit is filed and the litigation process begins.
“In the end the vast majority of cases get resolved before going to trial. The clients really need to understand that if we put in the required hard work and do the investigation and put the pieces of the puzzle together in the right way most likely the case will be resolved before trial.”

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or the intentional act of someone call the Philadelphia accident lawyer Rand Spear at 888-373-4LAW to protect your legal rights. He helps those injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey obtain fair compensation for their injuries.