Getting Started With Your Personal Injury Claim

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Initial Steps in a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury accidents often result in serious physical, emotional, and financial burdens. After an accident, it is important for victims of accidents to seek legal advice. Exploring legal actions can help an injured party recover compensation for any damages. An important initial step is for the injured party to initially discuss their case with a Pennsylvania or New Jersey personal injury attorney.

The two first steps in exploring the legal process are evaluating personal injury attorneys and preparing for your first appointment with your selected attorney. Below you will learn the important questions to ask a personal injury attorney in the evaluation process and the necessary preparation for your first appointment.

At Spear Greenfield, we offer a free initial appointment, where our legal team will learn more about your case and provide you the available legal options with no pressure or obligation. This appointment can either be scheduled by phone or online form, so click below to schedule a free consultation today!

Post-Personal Injury Checklist: What to Do After Sustaining a Personal Injury

The moments immediately following an unexpected event can be challenging. You may be in shock and wondering what to do after a personal injury. Follow the steps below on our personal injury checklist to protect your rights and increase your opportunity for the best possible outcomes.

Some consequences may not appear until well after your initial experience, so obtain health care as soon as possible. Visit an urgent care clinic, the emergency room, or a trusted medical professional. Be open with them about what occurred and any new symptoms or pain you’re experiencing, even if they seem insignificant.

Above all, comply with the medical advice you receive. Your physician may want imaging or other tests to see the scope of your injuries. It’s essential to follow through on your doctor’s requests and prescribed course of treatment.

Communicate the fact that you’ve been injured to the proper people, such as a commercial building manager or the police if necessary. Keep a copy of any reports they prepare for your records since your attorney will need them for your case.

Photos and videos of premises and injuries add visual evidence to your claim, and we advise you to use them as a documentation method as long as you can safely do so.

It’s also best practice to record your recollection of your circumstances, symptoms, thoughts, and feelings in a notebook or journal. These communications serve as a reminder of details and experiences following your injury.

The less you say, the better. Avoid apologies or reassurances. Such statements can be misinterpreted later as acceptance of fault or indication that your injury “is no big deal.”

You must do everything possible to protect your rights following an unexpected injury, including hiring an attorney. An experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can fight to get you the compensation to meet your needs. Ensure you get the best representation possible by choosing the ideal law professional with our advice below.

Only your doctor and your attorney need the details of your case. Prevent saying too much by limiting time on social media or with others who may push for more information. If an insurance representative contacts you, politely decline to answer any questions or engage in discussion. Instead, refer them to your lawyer and provide their contact information.


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Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter your personal injury case type, it is important to find an experienced, reliable, and hard working personal injury attorney. You will probably receive advice and even suggestions from family and friends. While that may be helpful, there are some questions that you should ask before choosing your lawyer. Below are some important questions to ask during the evaluation.

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When you hire an attorney, you want to know that they have experience with your specific case category. Related questions include the number of years the attorney has been practicing law and the number of similar cases they have handled.

This question is very important. When you are looking to hire an attorney, their track record matters. Find out how successful they have been fighting cases for clients similar to you. What were the outcomes? Were their clients satisfied?

It is your right to know whether your lawyer has ever been accused or found guilty of misconduct. If this question is uncomfortable, the information about this answer is online, but keep in mind the attorney may have an explanation for the accusation.

While this answer is tough to predict, a lawyer should be able to predict the possible outcomes and the identify the most likely outcome for your specific case.

How Much Is My Case Worth

Your attorney should outline their approach for your case and the strategy they plan to use. Do not shy away from questions related to this topic, because your attorney’s strategy choice will certainly affect the outcome of your case.

Attorneys and other legal staff are busy with numerous cases, so it is important to set expectations about communication. This question should address who will contact you, the frequency of communication, and available points of contact for questions or concerns. Defining the attorney-client relationship ahead of time will ensure that you have consistent and regular communication with your attorney.

It is important to know exactly how your lawyer calculates fees for their services. Depending on your case, that charge could be a set amount or an hourly rate. If your lawsuit is for financial recovery, your lawyer may charge you a contingency fee, which means that your attorney gets paid a percentage of awarded money received. Additionally, discussing how expenses are handled and defining cost responsibility are crucial. While your attorney won’t be able to tell you the exact cost of your case, they should be able to provide you with an estimate.

At Spear Greenfield, our no win, no fee lawyers do not collect money unless you win!

No Fee Guarantee

Finding out your exact role in the case is important. Your responsibilities usually include providing information and documents to your attorney. You will also be advised not to discuss the case with potential witnesses. By asking this question, your personal injury attorney will advise you on what you should and should not do.


This question list is a solid base to consider when searching for an attorney to hire. As you initially speak to lawyers or receive more details on your case, you may add more questions. Since the evaluation process is important, never shy away from asking questions to potential personal injury attorney candidates.

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What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation?

In order to prepare for your appointment with a personal injury attorney, you must gather any necessary documents for your case. This information allows the attorney to have an understanding of the accident and injuries. Important documentation will include the following:

  • A written description of how the accident and your injuries occurred.
  • A copy of the police or incident report from your accident.
  • The names and contact information of any witnesses at the accident scene.
  • Your medical records to prove your injuries.
  • Receipts of any expenses related to the injuries, which can include any out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and in-home care.
  • Photos or videos of the accident and your injuries.
  • Your insurance information including health, automobile, renter, or homeowner policies.
  • A list of any contact with the other party or their insurance company, including letters, emails, phone calls, etc.

The initial consultation is the place to ask case-specific questions to your personal injury attorney, so have questions prepared for this meeting. Since this meeting will be question-driven and include plenty of information, writing your questions down will remind you to ask your lawyer before leaving the meeting.

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    Questions a Personal Injury Attorney Will Ask in an Initial Consultation

    Along with the documentation, a personal injury attorney will also ask a variety of questions about your case and life. This information allows the lawyer to better represent you as a person instead of just a case. The questions that may be asked during an initial meeting may include the following:

    • What injuries do you have? How are you feeling?
    • Have you seen a doctor? What was the prognosis?
    • Did you talk to any other lawyers or insurance representatives?
    • What medical and automobile insurance coverage do you have?
    • Did you give a statement about the accident to your insurance company?
    • Where are you employed/what do you do? How long have you worked there?
    • Have you ever been in an accident before?

    The initial consultation is an early part of the legal process, but a personal injury attorney’s guidance does not end there. Learn more about the basics of personal injury cases including an outline of the legal process by clicking the link below.

    Case Basics
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    Guiding You Through a Personal Injury Case

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    Sometimes the initial steps in the legal process are the most difficult, because of the trauma related to your accident. As your legal partner, Spear Greenfield will eliminate the pressure from the legal process by putting our decades of experience and substantial resources to work for you. We will guide you through the legal process and fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve!

    If you have been injured in a personal injury accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, click below to follow our step-by-step guide through the process. This guide will help identify your case type, determine whether legal representation is necessary, and educate you on important elements of your case.

    Step by Step Personal Injury Guide

    Get Started With Your Personal Injury Claim

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